All of our products are designed and manufactured in Quebec Montreal.

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We are all trying to take additional measures to stay safe during the COVID-19 pan-ception. Covering his face in public is one of them. The City of Montr-eacute is prepared for a regulation that aims to make it mandatory to wear face coverings in enclosed public places. The new health directive is due to come into force on 18 July.

We offer our cotton satin face coverings with a stainless steel nasal pie to make sure it's on your face, and a soft fabric that can be adjusted to fit the shape of your head. They have also a filter pocket that acts as a double layer fabric while allowing you to add an additional filter to your needs. If we don't have a choice and we have to change our way of living to adapt, we can choose our bespoke face coverings, and stay protected; in style!

Thank you for making the difference by encouraging local buying. Let's take care of each other and come out more united.

Only those who take the risk of going too far can possibly know how far we can go to the point; T. S. Eliot